Today, Group CIF is the combination of two companies :

grandfather and father wheelwrights since 1925
initially BENNES FRANCOIS (1947)

Nowadays CIF is the second largest French manufacturerin its specialty.


CARROSSERIE HARDY plc bought CIF Ltd based in Orne and transferred the manufacturing process to its factory in LE FUILET.
Introduction of the first 180° 6 x 4 hydraulic side panel.
Setting up of a subsidiary at RENNES, CABRETA plc, specialising in the production of 3.5T GVW tippers.
CABRETA RENNES production site transferred to BREAL SOUS MONTFORT and the construction of a 1500 m2 building and offices.
Launch of the new ‘QUICK-BACHE’ tarpaulin, classified as level A according to EAFQ quality reference.
1997 In February CIF became the first tipper manufacturer to receive the AFAQ ISO 9002 accreditation.
1999 Construction of a new surface preparation workshop (sanding + painting) at LE FUILET on the new industrial estate La Claraie Le FUILET.
Complete transfer of CIF LE FUILET to new plant at La Claraie.
2001 CABRETA: new workshop for automated line, laser cutting, folding, welding: comprising 4 robots.
2002 ISO 9001 certification (2000 version)
2003 CIF manufactures and sales 5000 tippers.
CIF shows at Intermat Exhibition a new model of hydraulic rear door, special for the transport of very big blocks in quarry or for rocks or demolition.
2004 30 % of CIF’s output is sold abroad.
CIF manufactures and sales all of her tippers in conformity with the new norm BENNES XP R17-109 including a pilot valve on the main jack.
2005 Present of the new cylindric POLY4 tipper, U-shaped fitted with her new system of tarpaulin with bows.
2007 - CIF receives the Innovation Award in the technical category SOLUTRANS industrial vehicles for achieving its NEW BIBENNE.
2009 - CIF present at Intermat indicator overload NEW BIBENNE 26T.
- CIF has a dual certification by obtaining ISO 14001

‘QUICK-BACHE’ tarpaulin.
New plant at La Claraie.

New model of hydraulic rear door "Big transport"
Innovation Award
The shareholder sell the company to M. Edouard Berthaud, the most important subcontractor.
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