CIF has always found innovative solutions in the body of buckets and semi-trailers:

- The side panel hydraulic 180 ° and the Quick-Tarp are the most significant examples.

- The new round dump trucks and semi-trailer to Poly4 SOLUTRANS Lyon responded to the primary objectives of our clients users: no welding in the floor, payload increased to maximum, center of gravity of the load as low as possible, intervention the mechanical chassis easy, basic predisposition for the sheeting.

- The NEW BIBENNE, Trophy technical innovation SOLUTRANS 2007:
The NEW BIBENNE is designed to transport aggregate and feed suppliers, landscaping and public works, unloading and loading side. A score of improvements and innovations have been made for greater ease of use and maintenance, improved safety, increased durability paint, with a gain of weight and aesthetic success such as:

  • Gain weight = 100 kg payload
  • A more compact form with a lowered center of gravity and a double articulation promote top-loading
  • A new rear door more functional and secure
  • The lifting capacity of BIBENNE plus 15% for difficult situations
  • The banks above "V" to remove the retention of aggregates
  • The new automatic answer synchronizes opening rear door hooks
  • The sides HB 400 (eg HARDOX) increase resistance to shocks, the walls are smooth and the banks over "V" are expanded removing the effect of "sandblasting"
  • Integrating the opening tie in the rail as hydraulic casing black PVC
  • The articulation of bin by hinges to reduce vibration and noise with an automatic lubrication

- The Quick-Bâche crank and hoops

  • Covering with a single cable that prevents the leader to bow to crab.
  • Position cables 20mm above the rail and in the same horizontal plane opens the hydraulic side panel without having to dismantle a rear pulley.
  • The left rear pulley is however quickly dismantled without tools for a side-loading.
  • The whole system of pulleys before is integrated inside the protective casing of sheet
As required by its quality system, all staff is attentive to the needs of customers, users to find and to manufacture, often with their collaboration solutions that improve the productivity of the vehicle on site or on road, the driver more secure, optimize the experience for different operators.
With its research department, a powerful computer, or in cooperation with external partners, as products evolve and improve skips constantly: as many buckets have been computer modeling and then optimization achieve the current level of quality.

Discover Quick-bâche tarpaulin Technology
low bandwith
high bandwith
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180° hydraulic side panel
with Quick-bâche tarpaulin
Electric Quick-bâche tarpaulin
Electric Quick-bâche tarpaulin
on insulated trailer truck
New cylindric tipper POLY4
for trucks and semi trailers
Hydraulic rear door
Quick-Bâche crank and hoops
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