CIF Tippers, first French coachbuilder manufacturer certified ISO 14 001

CIF tippers was the first bodybuilder French manufacturer of steel bucket to be certified ISO 9001 in 1996.

We again demonstrate our ability to anticipate demands from the market by obtaining the ISO 14 001 certification for our design activities, manufacturing, assembly and sale of bins for public works vehicles to the site Fuilet (49).

Reflecting the commitment of teams CIF  and his collaborators, this dual certification Quality Environment reflects the sense of responsibility of a business' eco-citizen "attentive to the impacts of its business and control its costs.

It falls in line with the long-term strategy led by CIF for sustainable development, by anticipating environmental problems and beyond the stage of mere regulatory compliance to adopt a proactive attitude. There is talk now of "eco-design" and "eco-attitude".
Taking into account the environment is at the project design pout limit waste production at source and optimize sorting. Specifically, CIF undertakes to reduce its energy consumption, a better recovery of its waste by promoting reuse and reuse, while applying the principle of improvement passes including weight gain materials.


Our quality policy is:

  • Customer satisfaction by:
    - Understanding of client needs
    - Compliant Products
    - Timeliness
    - Contacts-recognized technical
    - SAV-fast and efficient
  • Improved company performance by:
    - Reduced cost of poor quality
    - Speed, responsiveness
    - Control of suppliers
    - A continuous improvement approach
    This strong requirement for continuous improvement enables CIF to be supplier of the largest manufacturers of commercial vehicles or industrial:


    Service is a constant preoccupation at CIF through listening to customers and satisfying their needs but also by being close to them, with :

    A 28-strong French dealer and agent network
    A worldwide direct dealer network in : Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Rumania, Morocco, Polynesia, New Caledonia, The Antilles etc…
    a 28-strong French dealer and agent network
    a worldwide direct dealer network
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